Timex T618T T619T Discontinued Manufacturer Overview

The clocks is one of the best value clocks for affordable price and has a good clock radio aspects. It’s plays cd, am/fm, nature sounds or buzzer.

Timex T618T / T619T Clock Radio (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

As a good clocks, this timex clock radio offers a wide range of listening options, including cd, am/fm radio and nature sounds. with the 7-5-2 alarm, you can set different alarms for the weekdays, weekends or all week. the clock radio also features a triple alarms, allowing you to set three different alarms, each with its own alarm sound. it comes with precise digital tuning and eighteen preset stations. the sure alarm battery backup system guards against power failures. the hundred year calender will keep you up-to-date with the year/month/day until 2099.

what’s in the box
clock radio, owner’s manual and a three month warranty.

This timex t618t / t619t clock radio (discontinued by manufacturer) appropriate for you who want clock radio with plays cd, am/fm, nature sounds or buzzer. 90 minute sleep timer and adjustable sleep volume. triple alarm system with individual alarm sounds. 18 presets stations. bass boost, random and repeat options.

It most comfortable and better to purchase this clock since get an opportunity to hear how real buyers felt about purchasing this clock radios. Reviews by individuals who have take on board this timex t618t t619t discontinued manufacturer are valuable information to make choices. At the time of publishing this timex t618t t619t discontinued manufacturer review, there were more than 28 reviews on some resouces. Most of the reviews were pleased and we give rating 3.2 from 5 for this timex t618t / t619t clock radio (discontinued by manufacturer).

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