Digital Settings Upgraded Simulated Baligum Basic Info

The digital settings upgraded simulated baligum is a nice model clock radio for affordable price. It’s is a great clocks choice for people who want time to wake up – the way nature intended.

Wake Up Light Digital Alarm Clock w/ Touch Control & 2 Alarm Settings. Upgraded 2017 w/ LED Display, Bedside Lamp, Mood Light & FM Radio. Wake Up with A Simulated Sunrise Every Day. By BaliGum

As a great clocks,

this is dan from baligum. i’m going to tell you about this amazing contemporary digital clock / bedside lamp / mood lamp and fm radio in one. i’ll give you all the important technical specifications but before i do i want to tell you a little about our company. we are dedicated to taking all of our products to many levels above similar ones on the market. we use only superior products both inside and out. don’t be fooled by cheaper similar looking products. they are not the same.

we provide you with clear, easy to understand instructions for frustration free set up. you don’t need to be a techie to use this clock.

wake up to the sunrise and fall asleep with the sunset the way nature intended. the lights are bright at their brightest and soft when dimmed. they increase and decrease in brightness at regular intervals. the colors of the lights are soft and can be tranquil and romantic. not a bad thing in the bedroom!😉

the sound quality on our clock is excellent and becomes loud enough so even heavy sleepers will wake up from this alarm either with nature’s sounds or your favorite music.

and now for the technical stuff:

*made from quality abs plastic

*simulated sunrise to wake you up gradually

*gradual sunset to help you fall asleep

*bedside lamp with 10 brightness settings

*led colored mood lights for an enchanting, romantic atmosphere

*led display screen with 2 adjustable brightness settings and touch control

*time display in either 12 or 24 hour setting

*dual alarms for your morning call or your evening slow down

*choose from 6 natural sounds or fm radio for your wakeup call

*snooze function (we always want another 5 mins)

*powered by electricity (adaptor included), usb cable (included) or 2 aaa batteries (not included)

you will receive:

*baligum wake up light sunrise alarm clock

*user manual

*usb cable

*power adapter

This wake up light digital alarm clock w/ touch control & 2 alarm settings. upgraded 2017 w/ led display, bedside lamp, mood light & fm radio. wake up with a simulated sunrise every day. by baligum fit for peoples who are searching for clock radio with time to wake up – the way nature intended. clinically proven to help you rise feeling more refreshed, the exclusive & advanced baligum digital alarm clock with touch face will bring you gently from deep sleep to fully awake with 10 levels of brightness which slowly increase as the time you have set your alarm approaches. by the time you are awoken by one of 6 sounds from nature or the fm radio your body will be ready for the transition. heavy sleepers beware – we will wake you up!. not just a clock this stylish, user friendly alarm clock / bedside lamp / mood light and fm radio has been designed to give you maximum benefit in a small (7 x 7 x 4 in) package. it will sit elegantly next to your bed. use it as a bedside lamp or radio and enjoy the effect of the 7 mood enhancing led lights which can be set to change color or remain on one favorite color, to create a tranquil atmosphere in your room and help you relax. whatever your preference. an alarm clock to help you sleep? after a long and very often exhausting day the body and the mind are often too stimulated and falling asleep becomes difficult. the sunset simulation function will slowly reduce the brightness of the light until it is entirely dark. this slow descent into night will help your mind and body relax from the stresses of the day and send you peacefully to sleep. stop! don’t sleep with a cell phone next to your bed! – almost everyone needs an alarm clock but a lot of people have taken to using their cell phones for this purpose. this means that every night we sleep with the harmful electronic emissions right next to our heads. enough said? we have to change that and by giving this clock as a gift you give health to the one’s you love. this is true for everyone but especially children and they will love the lights and sounds of this clock. take action now! this is the best & newest version of the digital alarm clock. it is exclusive and made from the very best materials. don’t be fooled by other cheaper and less well made versions out there. christmas will be upon us before we know it and this is a great present! so buy now before the rush. this is a no risk purchase – we know that this is a top quality product and so we have a 30 day – no questions asked full refund policy if you are unhappy in any way.

It will better and most comfortable to get this clock after get an opportunity to know how real consumers felt about buying this clock radios. During the time of publishing this digital settings upgraded simulated baligum review, there have been more than 7 reviews on other computer sites. Some of the reviews were very appreciate and we give rating 4.6 from 5 for this wake up light digital alarm clock w/ touch control & 2 alarm settings. upgraded 2017 w/ led display, bedside lamp, mood light & fm radio. wake up with a simulated sunrise every day. by baligum . Reviews by individuals who already ordered this digital settings upgraded simulated baligum are meaningful evidence to make verdicts.

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