Four Tips to Become a Celebrity Real Estate Agent

Unlike people in general, celebrities or public figures have their own ways when they want to buy their dream home. Time limitations in conducting searches and research usually make them entrust their affairs to property agent services.

However, it is not easy to become a real estate agent from a busy public figure. In addition to solid activity, their gestures are always monitored by the media so that agents must extra guard the privacy of these popular clients.

Curious about how to deal with popular clients like this? Come on, know all about being a celebrity real estate agent as summarized below.

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1. Does not include a telephone number

Kofi Nartey, an agent who once marketed property belonging to Hollywood celebrities told me that they did not include telephone numbers in ad listings. Don’t worry, for some people who are really interested in buying, they will try to contact via the email address listed.

Even if prospective buyers also come from celebrities, they are familiar with it.

2. Must maintain privacy

Because a lot of entertainment media and paparazzi are eyeing the latest news from the public figure, you must be able to maintain the privacy of clients as much as possible.

Usually celebrity property agents will be asked about the characteristics of the housing that is being sought. If your client allows to share information, there’s nothing wrong with giving a little leak.

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3. Share interesting stories

Celebrities who agree to publish news on the sale or purchase of their latest property will usually tell you more. Take advantage of these opportunities to ask about unique or interesting things from the house.

Usually public figures have slightly eccentric tastes to share. Of course this can boost the selling value of houses to the media and potential buyers.

4. Minimizing the risk of crime

Popularity can indeed increase the selling price on a property. However, sometimes this can endanger the property when it has been photographed and widely advertised.
For example, there is a celebrity house that is clambered by a fan after seeing the ad on property media.

Because, from an ad listing, one can find out in detail the address, the appearance of the exterior and interior of a house easily. This can trigger dangerous criminal acts.

For this reason, it is better to increase the level of home security when public figures still occupy the house. Even prospective buyers who want to conduct a survey must also be sure to bring an official property agent.

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