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How to Choose The Right Electric Shaver

It is true that every electric shaver is much more expensive compared to manual shaver. Yet, the feature and quality is worth the price although you need to pay more than $60 each. This electric shaver also requires more maintenance as its head needs to be replaced at least every six months. But, nothing beats the result that this shaver gives to you. This shaver is also easier to use no matter what kind of result you expect.

electric shaver buying guide

Basic Information about Electric Shaver

Suppose you are wondering which electric shaver should you buy, learn the basics first. You have to decide between the foil and rotary shaver first. These are the two most popular shaver models in the market. Foil shavers usually come with floating heads that are particularly designed to follow every facial contour. This kind of shaver is perfect for men with bald look as it provides the closest shaving. Meanwhile, the rotary shaver comes with three to four floating heads that are designed to follow facial contours. This shaver tends to be quieter in operation. It is ideal to allow clean shaven look for men.

Besides deciding between foil and rotary shaver, you also have to decide between the corded and the cordless shaver. Let’s learn about the main differences. The corded shaver should be plugged into electricity outlet for operation. The cordless shaver on the other hand, comes with battery so it doesn’t need to be plugged into the outlet for operation. In this case, the cordless seems handier and easier to use.

Let’s talk about the amount of power. Most corded shavers have more power compared to the cordless shavers. However, the power issue isn’t pretty much a big issue because the battery in cordless shaver already gives enough power.

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Once you have decided on the type of the shaver, whether it is foil or rotary shaver and corded or cordless, you need to look for the best features. Make sure the shaver comes with the latest features. For instance, shaver with LED indicator screen is a better option. This indicator shows the charging process and the battery status. Thus, you can figure out when you should charge it and you will never have to run out of the battery.

Other latest features that support the operation include pop-up trimmer, and the new wet and dry technology. With this dual technology, the shaver is available to be used under either wet or dry condition. It allows you to easily shave your beard or hair right after you have done showering. Do not forget to apply gel or cream for cleaner shaving.

The new and latest shavers are also much easier to clean. Most shavers can even be cleaned under running water. This way, you don’t have to take off the heads. Soon after you have done cleaning, you can use it again right away. Given with these handy features, the electric shaver will undoubtedly be a great investment for years ahead. It will keep your facial appearance neat and attractive.