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Braun Series 3 3040S Wet and Dry Shaver For Men

Braun’s revitalized Series 3 line is set to keep its strong position in the inexpensive electric razors classification. The 3040s, the follower of the extremely popular 340s-4 is most likely to become a best seller electric shaver for men by stabilizing functions and expenses. Without additional ado, let’s see how it carried out in our comprehensive Braun 3040s evaluation.

Braun Series 3 3040S Review

Functions introduction

Braun 3040S belongs to the dry & wet razors from the Series 3 and sits someplace in the middle of the pack considering its cost and functions.

The razor features the normal 3 blade setup, with 2 external foils for cutting hairs near to the skin and one middle trimmer that handles longer bristle. Around this trimmer there is a microcomb that must feed hairs better to the cutters. The 3 cutting aspects can move separately and are incorporated into a single cassette, so they cannot be purchased and changed independently.

Braun Series 3 3040S Wet and Dry Waterproof Foil Cordless Shaver for Men

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Last update was in: January 1, 2018 3:13 pm
$59.95 $79.99

The electric shaver likewise has an integrated long hair trimmer, a 3-level LED indication for battery status and can just be run cordless. Other notable functions are the 5 minute fast charge alternative and 100% waterproofing, permitting it to be utilized in the shower.

In general, a standard, no-frills razor that finishes the job.

Construct quality and ergonomics

Upon very first holding the razor in hand, you will see that it’s well weighted and has considerable girth. The generous blue rubber inserts supply a great grip and can be managed extremely firmly, even when it’s wet.

The products utilized are black plastic with both matte and shiny surface; the razor feels long lasting and really strong and in my subjective viewpoint it looks even much better than its predecessor.

The power button is rubberized and it takes rather a great deal of force to press. Because the 3040s does not include a travel lock, I think this is an advantage as there is no other way you might turn it on by mistake. The protective cap does cross the ON/OFF switch as well as functions as a travel lock, so props to Braun for aiming to offset the absence of an integrated one.

My only gripe with the otherwise outstanding ergonomics involves the shiny plastic of the shaving head. When wet or when utilized with a shaving cream and it’s a bit of a discomfort to eliminate, it ends up being really slippery. You need to be additional cautious as you have to push tough on the sides to eliminate it and when the head lastly pops out you might drop it and harm it.

Battery life and charging

It’s basically the typical organisation with regards to battery life and charging. As formerly discussed, the razor can just be run cordless for security preventative measures. To do that, it includes a rechargeable Ni-MH battery that offers adequate power for 45 minutes of use.

Charging the razor is maded with the consisted of brick, quite compact in size and one that likewise includes an extendable cable. When you’re in the battery and a rush is totally drained pipes, there is a hassle-free 5 minute fast charge for those times.

Mentioning which, battery life showed to be outstanding, basically on par with the very best razors I have actually utilized in this regard.

Braun Series 3 3040S Wet and Dry Waterproof Foil Cordless Shaver for Men

Free shipping
Last update was in: January 1, 2018 3:13 pm
$59.95 $79.99

Cleaning up and upkeep

The revitalized Series 3 likewise consists of 2 razors that feature Braun’s outstanding cleansing & charging station– particularly the 3090cc and 3050cc. That’s not the case with the best seller electric shaver for men in our evaluation, so you’ll need to turn to by hand cleaning your razor. Which’s quite easy to do.

Simply eliminate the shaving head and tap it out on a flat surface area if you utilize the 3040s for dry shaving just. With the consisted of brush, eliminate the hair and particles from the inner location of the head. Do not utilize the brush on the foils or inner blades as this can harm them. You can likewise wash the parts under running water for a more extensive cleansing.

Every now and then it’s a great idea to utilize a little bit of liquid soap and running warm water to eliminate older particles and grit that might have stayed with the cutting parts. If you’re shaving with cream or gel, this action is necessary after every usage. This is when an electric shaver that has different cutters and foils is typically simpler to clean up; Braun utilizes a cassette that incorporates both, making it a bit harder to tidy completely.

To make the most of the efficiency and decrease the wear on the cutting parts, it’s advised to use one drop of great device oil on the foils as soon as a week, specifically if you routinely tidy your razor with water. Braun consists of a little bottle of lubricating oil with a few of its razors. Not with this one, which is a bit odd given that it’s a wet/dry razor that is most likely to be cleaned up with water and soap.

Shaving efficiency

I was anticipating a familiar experience with the 3040s because it’s not extremely various from the older Series 3 380s-4 and 340s-4 I examined a long time earlier. It turns out I was. Which’s an advantage for the most part.

I utilized the Series 3 3040s as my only electric shaver for 2 weeks; throughout this time, I shaved daily, each day and every 2 days.
When I shaved daily with the 3040s, Dry shaving efficiency was excellent overall; I got the finest outcomes. When utilized everyday or every other day, this wasn’t a surprise as in my experience the lower end electric razors yield the finest outcomes.

The nearness was adequate and the convenience outstanding. The razor does a great task at shaving brief hair, however has some difficulty with longer, flat lying hair from a couple of days of development. Some were left and I needed to go over specific locations a couple of times. Once again, absolutely nothing uncommon for a standard electric razor.

I didn’t experience any pain throughout usage, be it inflammation, razor burn or pulling on the hair. Utilizing an electric pre-shave (Speick pre-electric cream in my case) appeared to assist.

While the dry shaving experience readied, utilizing the 3040s with shaving cream was a genuine enjoyment. The nearness of the shave was even much better, while the convenience was superb. I even attempted requiring it to trigger me some pain by using more pressure and doing unneeded passes, however to no avail. The Series 3040s truly provides in this regard if you delight in wet shaving.

I was likewise impressed with the sound level, the 3040s being really peaceful by foil electric shaver requirements.

Braun Series 3 3040S Wet and Dry Waterproof Foil Cordless Shaver for Men

Free shipping
Last update was in: January 1, 2018 3:13 pm
$59.95 $79.99

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