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Best Rotary Shaver of 2017 with Review

Hi gentlemen.. Are you looking for top rotary shaver with great result? Here we have listed about best rotary electric shaver of 2017. Check this out!

best electric rotary shaver

Do you ever want to have a really close shave with the cleanest result? Well, this is one important thing for men to maintain their greatest look. Well groomed and smooth face is simply crucial to boost men’s confidence. That’s the reason why the best rotary shaver has to exist. This top rated electric razor is men’s best friend and is always there to help them being at their best look. Looking great at all times is as important for men especially when they are about to have job interview.

With so many choices available in the market, choosing the right shaver can be a daunting task. It becomes a bit more difficult for first timers as they do not have any experience with previous shavers. There comes the important of buying tips. At least, the tips tell the key things need to be considered. Rotary shaver is one type of electric shaver among two available types. It has particular spinning mechanism where it shaves around in circle to remove any hair in between. This kind of shaver is specially designed to match facial contours and provide great shaving result. For men who tend to not having daily shave, this type is ideal.

The buying tips are started by choosing a shaver with faster charging speed and longer battery life. To be able to use the shaver anytime you want, the battery life has to be longer. Faster charging speed is also another factor for more convenient use. You must find out all the features and determine whether they are useful or not. Find out the cleaning system and make sure to find the one with easier cleaning and maintenance. It’s advised to choose shaver that can be used for both wet and dry operation. Now, let’s check out the 8 best electric rotary shavers for you to choose.

Best Rotary Shavers to Buy 2017 – Available on The Market

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 – Top Rotary Shaver 2017

Philips has been known as top notch electric shaver manufacture. This time is best rotary shaver 4500 series, Philips added the new feature of PowerTouch with Aquatec. This feature allows you to touch to turn on and off the shaver for more convenient use. It is also packed with DualPrecision heads with special design to allow faster and more comfortable shave for both short and long hair. The Aquatec Technology is one of a kind as it enables you to do wet shaving operation using foam or water. This guarantees extra skin protection.

It is added with integrated pop-up trimmer, an ideal for moustache and sideburns. Its LED charge promises faster charging. As for the cleaning and maintenance, it allows full wash for easy cleaning anytime you want.

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Philips Norelco S9311/87 Shaver 9000

Another recommended electric rotary shaver from Philips is the S9311/87. This best rotary shaver comes with specially designed head that can move in 8 different directions for more optimum cutting. It makes difference about 20% of cleaner result than other cheap electric shaver. When it is used both in dry and wet operation, it can cut 30% more hair from closer shave distance. It can happen because the blades are more comfortable and closer. There are three different settings to fit your need. They are slow, medium and fast. To allow easy cleaning and maintenance, the SmartClean system is added. Its unique Contour Detect Technology allows comfortable shaving. It is also added with V-Track Precision Blades that can collect more hair.

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5500 with Precision Trimmer and Turbomode

This is another award-winning product from Philips. Its Turbo powered shave is its main feature. It can provide fast shave including on dense parts thanks to more power through the Turbomode. It is added with Multi Precision Blade system that can cut both short and long hair faster than other shaver. Its Aquatec Dry and Wet allows you to shave comfortable in both wet and dry operation. This electric shaver under 100 can also provide flex heads to flex in 5 different directions thanks to its special design. Thanks to Smart Click precision trimmer as it can allow perfect sideburn and mustache trimming.

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5700 with Turbomode and SmartClean

Philips has just released another top notch product. This time, the electric shaver under 200 comes with two main features, the SmartClean and Turbomode. Like in 5500 series, Turbomode features fast shave through any dense parts. It is possible because the Turbomode produces 10% more power. Its SmartClean feature on the other hand, is a special feature that can charge, lubricate and clean the shaver in much easier way without using alcohol. Meanwhile, it’s added with special Flex heads that can flex in 5 different directions. Its LED display allows you to see the 3-level battery indicator status.

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 for Wet/Dry with SmartClean

Through Philips’ special innovation, this electric shaver can provide perfection in every pass. Its flex heads can flex in eight directions promising 20% more hair to be cut.  The Aquatec technology is added in the special wet/dry shaver to allow you have comfortable shaving with foam or gel. It also promises to cut 30% more hair than any other shavers while keeping the skin free from any irritations. It is also completed with 5 lengths setting for best look you always want. It takes only one hour to fully charge the shaver which is a very convenient feature. With 2 year warranty, this shaver is certainly built to last.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 For Sensitive Skin

Philips gives extra attention to men with sensitive skin. That’s why this top electric shaver has been specially designed. It’s comfortable for sensitive skin thanks to its anti-friction microbead coating that can allow smooth glide. Its Gentle Precision Blade promises more protection for your skin anytime you cut the hair close. In order to follow your facial contour, it is added with DynamicFlex heads that can move in five directions. You will find this electric comfortable for mustache and sideburn trimming. Inside the box, you will get the shaver, cleaning cartridge, SmartClean, travel case, power cord, and SmartClick precision trimmer. What a complete set, right.

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 with Standard Packaging

Here comes another electric razors for men from Philips. Its features include 8-direction Flex heads that can cut 20% more hair and wet and dry system to allow you to cut the hair 30% closer than usual shavers. This shaver also comes with three speed setting. Choose slow for skin-friendly shaving, medium for more thorough shaving, and fast for the high powered shaving mode. Its digital interface comes with advanced features as it can show the status of cleaning indicator, battery level, replacement head indicator, battery low indicator and also the travel lock indicator. However, it doesn’t come with brush head attachment so you have to buy it separately.

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Philips Norelco 1250X/40 3D Electric Razor with Senso Touch

Having the 3D electric shaver is the best product you can have. It’s a superior shaver that can provide the most ultimate shaving experience. Its main feature is the GyroFlex 3D system with 3 dynamic parts where each part can move independently. It can tilt inward, pivot around and flex outward. This movement is solely to allow the shaver in following your facial contours. At the same time, it can reduce irritation and pressure. It is also added with UltraTrack shaving heads for short stubble, flattened hairs and comfortable long hair shaving. Meanwhile, the dual blade system feature promises comfortable shaving below your skin level. Shortly said, having this shaver to do the shaving for you means the perfect shave result you will ever have.

Electric shaver is undoubtedly a must-have personal item for men. It’s not only about shaving hairs but looking perfect at all times. So, consider what type of person you are when it comes to shave and what you need from a shaver. This will help you to choose one among best rotary shavers 2017.